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The Padellone 8171 is considered to be one of the most iconic vintage Rolex watches due to its unique design and complications. It is also highly valued by collectors due to its relative rarity, with only a limited number of examples produced during its production run. As with all vintage watches, the value of the Padellone 8171 can vary depending on its condition, originality, and rarity.

Produced by Rolex from 1949-1955, only between 250-350 units were ever manufactured. It is highly sought after by collectors due to its unique and elegant design, as well as its rarity. The Padellone 8171 features a triple calendar complication, displaying the day, date, and month, as well as a moon phase display. Powered by a manual-winding movement, usually the Rolex caliber 10.5 hunter, which provides accurate timekeeping and drives the calendar and moon phase complications.

The 38mm case of the watch is typically made of stainless steel, although some examples were produced in 18ct yellow gold, as this piece. Not to be mixed up with the oyster case version 6062 this one has a snap case back and wouldn't have been waterproof. The watch also features a leather strap.  

The watch was brought into the store in Dublin for a valuation and potential sale, and subsequently sold to a buyer.

Our experience in the luxury Swiss watch market goes back as far as 1991 and we take exceptional pride in checking that every watch offered up for sale has been 100% verified to be original.

Due to the historical significance of this watch, independent verification from Rolex, and by experts in vintage Rolex watches in London, Geneva and New York was sought to confirm the watch's authenticity and value.


Rare watches can range in price from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euro, depending on a combination of factors including the condition, materials, set and other factors. With any vintage watch, it's important to verify the authenticity and condition of before making a purchase, and we would always encourage people to consult with a watch expert.

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Rolex Padellone 8171 Vintage Rolex

Rolex PadelloneRolex Padellone 

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